This website is intended to help those who can't eat wheat (or gluten) due to intolerance, allergy or whatever. The recipes given use flours that are available in Ireland but should be of benefit to folks from other parts of the world also, particularly Britain.

"Normal" people can also use these recipes, of course. In general these recipes use flour with the raising agent already added so you can substitue self-raising wheat flour if you wish.


This information was put together by Geraldine and Donncha Butler. Drop us a line (using the Email us link on the left) if you find this site useful. Unfortunately we can't spend too long answering queries as we have other things to do!


Neither of us has medical qualifications! All information is given in good faith. Some allergies can be life threatening. PLEASE CHECK WITH A QUALIFIED DOCTOR IF YOU KNOW OR SUSPECT YOU HAVE SERIOUS ALLERGIES. Please also bear in mind that what can appear to be an allergy could be due to some other medical problem.

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